When Where and How Mowing Lawns

When, Where and How Mowing Lawns

When, Where and How Mowing Lawns Landscaping in Kerry.

The When, Where and How Mowing Lawns

Most people think that the secret to a healthy green lawn has to do with chemicals they put on the grass and little else.

Save yourself a lot of money and keep your lawn healthy in a natural way with the proper use of one of your lawn mower.

Cutting tips for a healthy lawn.

Mowing,Fertilizing and Watering your Lawn

The basics of grass cutting are pretty simple: start up your lawn mower and push it over all the grass until it isn’t high anymore. Simple right but there is more to it than that.

Cut Your Grass High

If you have longer blades of grass this means the root system below the ground will also be longer and healthier. With longer blades of grass, the grass collects more light and grow healthier and higher blades often help block out crab grass.

Taller grass often looks “healthy” and dense than grass that’s been cut very short.

Do not Use A Grass Bag

Some people are obsessed with bagging cut grass and turning it to compost. But as good as that compost is for plants in beds, it’s even better for the grass itself. By cutting your lawn without a bag and leaving the clippings on the lawn you’re adding extra nutrients and water back in the soil as those clippings decompose.

Mow Your Grass Only When it is Dry

When you mow your lawn, when the grass is wet you’re just going to get clumps of grass, uneven cuts invite all sorts of fungus to grow in the damp ground.

Change Direction Each Time You Mow

Cut your lawn in several different patterns you’ll avoid creating ruts or pathways in your lawn.

Do Mow Your Lawn Once A Week

Mow every 6 – 8 days. This helps you keep the height of the grass from becoming too tall and it helps keep you on a schedule you’re more likely to follow. If your grass doesn’t really need to be cut at the time, that’s fine.

Lawn Mower Maintenance

Keep your mower in good working order. Always clean out grass clippings and debris when you’re done, keep the fuel and oil clean, and keep the blades in good condition. It depends on how large your lawn is, but generally I find that replacing lawn mower blades or having my existing blades sharpened once a year works. It’s actually pretty easy to remove and replace a lawn mower blade.

A dull blade will basically rip and tear at the ends of your grass and give it a ragged appearance. A sharp blade will make a clean cut and keep your grass healthier. An electric lawn mower is better for the environment.