Leaf clearing

Leaf clearing and other seasonal jobs

Want a general tidy up of your garden in preparation for winter or need a fence replaced

Leaf clearing is a seasonal job. Once the leaves start to fall in the Autumn it’s an ongoing battle to clear them. Left to decay on your lawn, the grass will suffer and moss is likely to grow. We’ll also remove leaves from ponds, paths and driveways, anywhere they are collecting, we will gather those leaves.

Our Garden Care team will come in and remove fallen leaves as part of your regular garden maintenance schedule or as a once off special visit if we don’t usually look after your garden.

Leaves are great for composting, we can fill your compost bin or if you don’t have one, put them into bin bags that can be stored in your shed or garage to rot down.

We can also them to your garden waste for collection by your council, or take them away and dispose of them environmentally.

Leaves on paths and driveways can leave surfaces very slippery, to ensure that you and your visitors are not at risk of accident, we also offer a power-washing service that can be carried out in conjunction with leaf clearing or as a separate job.

Seasonal jobs include:

  • Planting bulbs at the key times of the year that will ensure colour in your garden from spring right through to autumn – it takes a little planning and organisation.
  • Mulching provides extra nutrients to plants and keeps down the weeds. Applied to beds and garden borders in the spring months, mulching will trap in moisture from rainfall and help prevent plants from suffering during the hot dry months of summer. Mulching in the autumn will help protect plant roots from frost through the winter months.
  • Pond maintenance is easy to forget, but it’s important to ensure water features don’t become choked with weed, essential to do during the summer.
  • Snowing, we will come and clear paths and driveways for easier and safer access.